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Our Products

Available in the following sizes:

     (sold by weight not volume)

2 ounce mini bear

12 ounce teddy

16 ounce (1 lb) bottle

24 ounce (1.5 lb) bottle

2 lb bottle

3 lb jar

5 lb jug

Bottled Honey


Our honey is all natural, produced locally in Lancaster County Nebraska, and oh so good.


We don't attempt to separate honey by flower source, but defintely end up with buckets of lighter spring honey and buckets of later-season darker honey.  Customers have their preferences, but honestly - its all good.


Our filtration method consists of passing honey through a ladies nylon to remove bits of beeswax, bees feet, etc.  No pollen is removed from our honey.  It's just filtered to keep out most of the "floaties".

We do not "process" our honey by over-heating it.  Our warmer is set at 97 degrees F, which is the same as what the honey would be on a hot July or August day.  All the beneficial enzymes and pollen are preserved for you to benefit from.  It's honey the way it should be.

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey (also called spun honey or whipped honey) is a crystalized honey whose crystals are so small that the texture is creamy smooth. 

Creamed honey makes a terrific spread to put on a stiff bread, bagel, warm english muffin, etc.

Use it in place of jelly.

Wonderful with peanut butter.

Available in: Natural (unflavored)




Raw Honey

All of our honey is raw in the sense that it is only rough filtered and not heated over 97 degrees F.  

We call this honey raw honey for the following reasons:

At harvest time, this honey is extracted, rough filtered, and bottled, then left to crystalize in the jar.  With minimal handling, this honey offers all its natural goodness.

Although coarser than creamed honey, the crystalized form offers a unique flavor - and it doen't run off your toast.  Quite a treat.

Hand Lotion Bars

Ingredients:   Shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, essential oils (various scents)





Beeswax has many uses:



          for screws in hardwood, sticky wood drawers,

          wax sewing thread, sticky zippers


          makeup, mmoisturizers, hiking boots,

          cement countertops


                                                 Available in several sizes.

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